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Mactan’s Nightlife

October 28th, 2018 by bencel | Filed under Mactan Nightlife.

In the last period, tourism in the Philippines has increased by 20%, which indicates that over the years this country has become more famous, people tired of mass tourism in Thailand come to visit the beautiful Philippine lands, search for “Virgin” paradises that provide better experiences to the visitor.

Now, why do these people come to the Philippines and not to another country?

Apart from the beautiful Filipino women we can find here that country offers a little bit of everything, culture, history, fun, sun, beach, nature, and a diversity of gastronomy that makes it so special, this is the main thing that this country has the “Hook” with which they fish tourists.

Although not all the provinces of the Philippines are so recognized; there is one that undoubtedly has much to offer. In addition, although it is not as visited as other parts, it has the necessary resources to satisfy the arrival and stay of any average tourist. .

In this case we are talking about Cebu, which has its dependence on a beautiful island called Mactan, one of the best in fact, although this island is not so “active” in terms of parties, this has several sites that can considerably improve your nights, and with the passage of time have been improving strategies to attract tourists.

You can find very luxurious and a little expensive sites, like other sites that are simpler, but also have what it takes to make that your night is the best of all.
Although this type of sites will not be able to find them so easily, believe me it is worth looking for them, they will offer you a unique experience in their class.

One of the most visited places by people who usually pass by this island is the LIV Super Club, with location in City Time Square this is one of the few perfect nightclubs to unravel.
Despite being a very luxurious club really has a that another thing that can leave you impacted, the music is usually very nice, usually bring the best artists in the country, have a super large LED screen.

What makes this club so special is that they are strict with the dress code, in this place cannot enter any person badly dressed. It is important to have a very pleasant time, on the subject of security, it is usually a place very safe, inside you can see a fairly wide dance floor, which in turn will be surrounded by small tables where you can sit down and have your favorite drinks.

Although the place usually has drinks a little expensive, I think they are worth it, they make you spend a very pleasant time, in terms of service, the people who serve you are usually very friendly, and friendly, I think few places with people like that in attention to the public.
It is important to clarify that the value of your ticket varies in the area you want to sit, there is a VIP area where you will be with the DJ, and you can see everything much better, or be with the rest of the people approximately the dance floor.

Another site that will make you jump out of emotion is the Alchology club, located on Mango Square, this has become over time a very good place to hang out, what characterizes this site is the people and the very good environment that counts.
This site usually has a standard rate of 100 pesos, that normal days, this rate varies if there is a special event, and for example, when an international DJ travels to this site.
This site is a one-storey establishment, which is divided into three sections, two lounge areas, which are the left, and right of the club, these areas are complete, with comfortable sofas that surround the coffee tables, and in the center we will find located the dance floor, in front of the dance floor we will find the Dj’s booth. The place is big enough for a crowd, this is very important because being so scarce this type of places usually come part of the people up here.

This is another of the best places to spend the night, in which you will undoubtedly meet the most beautiful women of the town, I have no doubt that this small island has many more things than it seems, and this It is a vivid example of this, even though the sites mentioned today are somewhat expensive.
I think it is not a waste of time or money, they are places where you will have a great time, they are those types of places, which you should go with your friends and enjoy all night of them.
It is common for people to want to go to these types of places, because they experience unique experiences.

These sites are the most visited by tourists who usually spend a vacation on this island, it is important to always bear in mind that not all sites will be the same, as I commented before many have differences, and the important thing will always be the service that they offer you.
Anyway, if you want to enjoy a very good night in Mactan I recommend that you visit one of these two night spots, they will make your life change by showing you how such luxurious spaces can be so simple.

In addition, how the dedication of their staff can make you feel at home, despite being far away from this, and maybe with a little luck you end the night with some beautiful girl who usually go to these types of nightspots.

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