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Mactan’s girlie Bars

October 14th, 2018 by bencel | Filed under Mactan Nightlife.

Mactan Island is located in the province of Cebu, is one of the islands where we will find less nocturnal activity, maybe this is because it is not as big as expected, however this does not mean that you cannot pass a good night on this island.

Mactan hosts a scene of pure entertainment, in its variety of nightclubs, which are usually very interesting, although many leave from Mactan Island to Cebu, which is only a few miles away.
They are losing. Although as I mentioned before, the island is not so big, believe me that in this you can keep your mind occupied throughout the night.

This island, although small, usually has something for everyone who visits here, starting with luxurious discotheques, luxurious massage treatments and 24 hours operational casinos. This island is ideal for those who come in the “night of rumba” or those single guys in search of fun. There are many girls clubs, and clubs that can be visited, in which you can find fun with a girl.

A typical sea view near Mactan

Among the clubs that you can visit we could name Lotus Club, which is located in Lapu-Lapu and is the only discotheque in the area, we will begin by clarifying that this club is one of the most luxurious on the island.

That is why it would be best to go with elegant clothes, in general there are people of almost all kinds, from the locals, Koreans, to tourists from the west, you can find girls willing to serve you as much as you want, this club has a dance floor which is surrounded by tables occupied by those who paid VIPs.

The entrance fee and drinks are really considerable, the place is busy night after night, given that it is the only place of its kind on the small island.

One strategy that this club uses that I really see is fascinating is that when you pay your ticket they give you a beer. So, I think it’s not bad. It has a very good sophisticated sound system, the most important thing for many is that there tend to be many sexy girls looking for fun, this is more common on weekends.

A curious fact is that this club has a Facebook page under the name of clublotusmactan. There you can find prices per day, holidays on weekends, photos, videos, detailed information that will let you know if you really want to attend on a certain date or you want to cross the bridge, in spite of being an elegant club, and that has a regulation with respect to the dress, this regulation is fulfilled to the letter.

In this club you can find everything a bit, customer service seems be the main thing for the waitresses, the drinks are usually very good, and the music is usually stable, not so high but not so low, usually has an adequate volume to maintain a conversation without shouting.
This is undoubtedly of the best places you could attend; comfort awaits you, as well as good service, good music, and sexy girls from the site.

Now, if you are looking for something more exotic, we could recommend The jungle, which is a restaurant where the Filipino experience awaits you, in this restaurant will be served by his friendly staff, bounded to this.

One of the things that attracts most the tourists is that the place is decorated with each one of the Philippine traditions, without a doubt it will make you feel the essence of this country. It has a great variety of paintings with themes of the jungle, and columns of coconut trees which They give a deeper look to the jungle.

The same has an area for cars, which could be placed some buses, cars, and a specific area for taxis, which are available at any time as long as the premises is open.

The restaurant serves both Filipino and international food, there are buffet options a la carte, meals are served in clay pots, wooden spoons, and some native dishes, such as the banana basket. The wide variety of options offered by the menu to the letter, in which you could find even combined meals, this restaurant has a bar, where you will find all kinds of liquor.

What makes this restaurant so popular is its entertainment. This offers its clients Philippine cultural dancers, and a great variety of international dances, this in turn presents special performances such as the exhibition of Aris and live dancing dances. In addition to all this the dancers of The Aris’s Jungle Fire are the main attention of all this, they are not common artists, they eat and breathe fire, likewise they usually turn balls and lighted bars into fire, incredible right?

It is amazing the amount of places that can make your night a truly different night, today we show you two types of sites that are really striking, in one you can dance all night, meet, party, drink, clear your mind completely.

While in another you can learn about the Philippine culture and traditions, while you taste an excellent dish or drink some glasses of your favorite liquor, whatever your choice remember that it is best to enjoy.

Clear your mind and know things you never thought know, there are many other places that could leave you open-mouthed, and are waiting for your visit, if you still do not have the opportunity to know these and you are in Mactan my recommendation is that you do.

You will undoubtedly experience a different experience, tell us what you liked or disliked about this tour.

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