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Mactan Island Nightlife

October 14th, 2018 by bencel | Filed under Mactan Nightlife.

It seems incredible to see the endless things that you can achieve if you only go out, that is, Mactan being a small hidden island, an endless number of places, which are derived from bars, girls clubs, nightclubs, resorts, hotels, etc.

These undoubtedly bring much to offer your trip; although many will say that in the day has much more to offer (and they are right), it is essential to note that tourists generally seek to fan the passion with night parties, mostly young people.

The morning visits are usually made by family tour’s, I do not say that young people who are looking for fun do not do this kind of tour’s but let’s be honest, most of them expect the night to appear to know great beauties and experience an endless of new things.

Mactan is one of the islands that comprise the state of Cebu, which has the best beaches in the Philippines, although Mactan is not an island so active (at parties) compared to Cebu, this island has many secrets that You will discover as you read the article.

It is known that most people seek fun, stress their minds, know places, people, cultures, traditions, and yes, why not? Having sex, in the country it seems normal to find this type of women who can satisfy you for one night if you give them a few pesos, and in the places that we will tell you next you will surely find all this you are looking for, in a very fast way.

The clubs on this island are usually a little hidden, mostly there are beautiful girls who are responsible for assisting you and make you spend the best night of your life. Such is the case of Night Club Ibiza, which is by far one of the best in the region.

This beautiful club can be found in the facilities of Movenpick Hotel. This night club is one of the best in the area, without a doubt, they have a very good sound, live DJ, sometimes live bands, go to this place is to de-stress your mind of everything, bounded to everything to it beautiful receptionists cater and will make you feel at home.

One of the best things about this is the food, no doubt has a very good food service, very well prepared, the atmosphere that transpires in the place is very different, as this is not closed as many others, it is outdoors.
The place is composed of a small platform where we can observe the sound, and the beautiful dancers that do not get bored on the site.

In the same way, we find the tables and chairs which are undoubtedly luxury, they make you feel in another place, the atmosphere is usually a little tropical, you can see the beautiful beach in one of the edges of the place, this place usually work 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect on this site, this nightclub usually has a very expensive bar, that is, and drinks, and cocktails, beers usually have little “expensive” prices for some people, but has many amenities.

Personally, I consider that this is one of those places for one to clear the mind admiring the wonder of nature. In the same way there are thousands of Night Club’s as well, as everyone knows they are not all the same, there will be more expensive than others, some more luxurious than others, while others will exist that are simpler, quieter, ideal for those lovers of tranquility.
For those nights with starry sky and clear there is nothing better than being in the company of a beautiful lady or just your friends, and have a drink while watching the best of the sky.

In Cebu White Sands you will find Room 801, a bar located on the roof, one of the things that differentiates this bar from the others is that is one of the few in the area that still serves craft beers.
The place is usually open every night, the owners of this bar seek that the guest’s stay in Mactan is a bit more lively, fun, and emotional, offering one of the best views of the whole island, and that people can taste of very good drinks and plates of food.

One of the things that characterizes this complex is the kindness of the innkeepers; they are very humble people who will make you feel as if you were at home. As for the music of the site, this usually live, characters are responsible for playing the best songs that are playing; often change the theme depending on the day.

The hotel has a Facebook page from which it announces the offers, or special activities that Room 801 has to offer. This personally seems great to me, since you can keep informed of the days you can attend.

These are just two of the night wonders that we can visit being in this wonderful part of the world, the important thing is that you get a good experience and want to return to these sites, for more luxuries they may have if the service is bad or too expensive, believe me, it does not suit you.
This type of sites are for that type of person who love being outdoors, who like to live with nature, and love to have beautiful moments in the open air, which in general are few people like that, however those few consider that they have good taste.

As well as these rest bars there are many others that are in this city and maybe you do not know about not wanting to leave, there is nothing better than knowing and experiencing new things. If you have had the opportunity to visit this island and go to these places tell us what was your experience, if you have not done it, we recommend you do it, you do not know what you are missing.

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