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Mactan Bars and Clubs

October 14th, 2018 by bencel | Filed under Uncategorized.

In general we always seek to satisfy our physical needs, and I do not only talk about sex, I talk about stress, anxiety, etc., things that we can calm down with a couple of drinks, good music, show’s and so, thousands of people travel every day trying escape the daily stress that face every day, now well.

There are destinations that mark a before and after, in some we can find nights of parties, while in many others we can run into hot beach days, no matter what is the destination that pretends what is important is always and will be our own enjoyment, as long as it is healthy.

Many places can offer you much more than just sexual encounters, part of them can offer you contact with nature, historical sites, water sports, and an endless number of things that you will love and that not even your head spent its existence.

The nights of Mactan are composed of fun, passion, madness, to go through each of the clubs, clubs, resorts and these things you realize how much you have to offer this little island, incredibly I consider that it has much more to offer than many parts of the Philippines.

The attractions of Mactan are not limited only to its natural beauty, historical sites, cultural shows or various water sports activities, bounded to all this exciting tourist attractions, This beautiful island also offers a wide variety of nightly entertainment.

Although Mactan does not have a nightlife as popular as Manila, or Bocaray nightlife on this small island could be extremely entertaining for each of the holiday lovers, if you stay in Mactan, you should take advantage of knowing some of the establishments that are part of the nightlife in this small island.
Here you can find some really exciting clubs, as well as a massage parlors, most of this type of establishments are located in hotels, and in tourist complexes in Mactan, located on the road between the macan bridge and the city of Lapu-Lapu. These establishments they are usually much more comfortable because they are located inside hotels, so their security increases, in turn this makes it almost impossible to find them.

Among the most recognized establishments, we find:

Coco Loco’s Discoteca – Bar. It is a wonderful disco and bar located in Shangri-La. The Shangri-La is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, and the fact that this Disco-Bar is located within the facilities of the same speaks for itself.

The place offers a very pleasant atmosphere, with a very fabulous interior, in the same way it offers ballroom dancing, karaoke and live bands, which make you dance all night, believe me, it is a fabulous place. In the This bar, has a great list of cocktails, and exotic drinks, although the price may be a little high for some people I consider it one of the best that the area has.

The Jungle Restaurant – Disco-Bar This is one of the first places that you should definitely visit to start your night on this island, this restaurant is the largest on the island and is the only one where you can find a disco in its interior. Among the different types of entertainment that it offers, has a Disco with DJ, and shows of live bands, modern dance, incredible fire dances, and those that can not miss are the comedy shows.
A detailed review on The Jungle Restaurant.

The restaurant serves local and international cuisine, all from 3 pm. The best of all is that they usually have promotional offers, such as drinking as much as you can for just 250 pesos, for one person, and a lot of other offers that are really tempting.

The nights of Mactan are also made up of some really naughty pranks, with many girls’ bars, which are specially located on the Quezon national road, in the city of Lapu Lapu, many of these have been working for years, most do not offer any luxury , rather they are a little simple. In general, they have huge and comfortable sofas with basic furniture, and a central stage in which the girls can be observed. Among the most popular bars in the area we will find Guerrero’s pub & disco, VIP Heidelberg puby endless other bars, in this type of sites you can get the girl you want as long as you pay the fine to the local manager.

Many parts of the world have very luxurious casinos, and in this part you could not miss one of them.

Although this island only has one casino, which is located inside the Waterfront Airport Hotel, being this an international standard casino, it is usually filled at night, mainly during the holiday seasons, and it offers the best games in the city, the drinks are very accessible, and the girls abound in it. What stands out to this amazing casino is that it works 24 hours a day, that is, the day you want and at the time you want you can go to play a game of what you want. Maybe that’s why the casino is often visited.

As has been demonstrated, however small this island may be, it will always have things that will dazzle us, it is amazing the endless of places that you can visit in such a small place, and how well you can pass it if you get to attend any of these sites.

Personally, I think that Mactan has some beautiful beaches, and that what makes it so special are its customs and traditions, to see that the locals are so happy, and so partying people. I wish that all that vibration would infect me, that’s why that my recommendation is that you visit at least one of these sites. I consider that they are not a waste of time or money, they are the best of the region.

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