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Explore the Finest Beauty of Mactan, Cebu Philippines

October 16th, 2015 by bencel | Filed under Blog, Mactan Attractions.

Marcelo Fernan Bridge

Marcelo Fernan Bridge

Mactan, Philippines is a densely populous island with approximately 430,000 of people living in the area. The island is really rich in history during the battle of Mactan, when Datu Lapu-Lapu fight the Spanish invaders and had killed Magellan who had first brought Christianity to all Filipinos. The place where they had fought is being maintained by the Mactan government and serves as a tourist destination of all Filipinos around the country and more foreigners who visit the place as one of Mactan attractions in the Province of Cebu.

Mactan is separated from Cebu City by crossing 2 bridges; Mactan-Mandaue Bridge and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. You can also find here the one and only airport in the Queen City of the South, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, as the Philippines second largest international airport situated in the island. There are also a star rated hotels in Mactan, one is just nearby the airport, the Mactan Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino. It is your doorstep hotel when you fly to Cebu, with only 15 minutes’ drive to Mactan white sand beaches, and 30 minutes away to the Capital city of Cebu. The Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Crimson Beach Resort and Spa, JPark Island Resort and Waterpark are also well-known best hotels in Mactan with a complete amenities to offer.

The island is now likewise known for some industrial factories that helps give the island more employment rate and financial stability from their taxes that is being used for the development of the entire island in the province of Cebu. There are lots of different industrial companies in (MEPZ) Mactan Export Processing Zone, at approximately 50% of which is owned by a Japanese. Well, I`ve been working here before, and my starting salary as I just start my training was spontaneously above the average rate in the City, which is real good. But the downside is that you will be obliged to work shifts every month, means you will be working 1 month at night and also 1 month at day shift, having 1 day off a week ,then working Sunday is a must if not your scheduled off.

The island until now is famous for producing local handicrafts like, guitars, sea shell products for export, and any other wood crafts as the other source of livelihood of the settlers. Not to mention the well-renowned garment factory on the island. In fact, every April 27 each year the Mactan government will be having a trade fair during the re-enactment of the battle in Mactan as one of Mactan attractions. Many will then be permitted to market their local handicraft products within the Mactan Shrine, for there are thousands of people will be visiting during the commemoration on the battle of Mactan.

I almost forgot to mention, yearly, all industrial firms within the island was permitted by the Mactan government to have a trade fair, just outside the quadrangle`s of the (MEPZ) beside during the battle of Mactan re-enactment. This is where most of the products being sold are being marked down, to persuade local and international investors to invest more and have local business partners in the island. Giving the foreign investors an opportunity to be a part of the growing industrial island in the Philippines, but only 60-70% portion of the investment is liable for them to own, the remaining portion is reserved for the Filipino citizen.

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