Prince spa

Prince spa is a korean bath house/spa
Located on matumbo road
We cannot recommend this place as they hardly spoke any english and couldnt give us a correct price for their services.

Nuat thai

Nuat thai s a massage parlour located just across the road from marina mall
Prices are very affordable.

Yellow submarine

The Philippines’ very first Submarine for Underwater Tour can be found in the Queen City of the South, Cebu, called the “Cebu Yellow Submarine“.  In Imperial Palace Resort in Maribago, Mactan Island, Cebu. Another reason why people should choose Cebu Philippines, now known as Asia’s All in One Destination!

Underwater Tourism is here.

Get ready Philippines, experience spectacular, breath-taking undersea views, a mixture of colorful species and well-crafted corals in the depths of Mactan,Cebu, considered as one of the best islands in Asia!

Irish Bar Mactan

Is there an Irish Bar on Mactan, Cebu? Yes there is! We saw one driving around the other day and will soon go back there and get some more information and take some pics.

Mactan Shrine

A trip to Cebu will never be complete without a trip to the historical places that made the island what it is now. The Mactan Shrine located in Punta Engano, Mactan Island Cebu is where the battle for supremacy took place and freedom reestablished between two great warriors of history Ferdinand Magellan and Lapu-lapu. The fight erupted because of the successful Christianizing of some of the Cebu natives which led Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer to cross the channel leading to the Mactan Island in the hope of spreading Christianity there too. Their hopes were brought to a halt when Magellan along with his 49 Christian soldiers were not given a chance to reach the shore and were greeted by Lapu-lapu along with his 1500 warriors all armed with barong, spears, kampilan and kalasag on the very famous date of April 27, 1521. Magellan together with several other men was killed while the rest were imprisoned. This was recognized by history as the Battle of Mactan. The Victoria, one of Magellan’s ships on May 1, 1521 under the command of Juan Sebastian Elcano, sailed from Cebu and anchored on the shores of San Lucar de Barrameda, Spain on September 6, 1522. This completed the first circumnavigation of the earth.

Magellan’s body was never recovered after the battle and so to commemorate his death, a marker was raised on the spot where he died on 1866. The Magellan Marker was later on recognized as the Magellan Shrine and is located inside the Mactan Shrine. Standing at 30 meters high, it is a big memorial tower that truly commemorates the great Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan.

Obviously by now you have a clear picture as to why a visit to the Mactan Shrine is a must when bound for a trip to Cebu. The lifesize bronze statue of Lapu-lapu who stands courageously facing the river holding a bolo on one hand and a spear on the other will greet you. At the center of the shrine one can see the obelisk depicting Ferdinand Magellan and Spain. Beside it is where a historical marker is stating the heroism that Lapu-lapu made while on the other side it talks about the death of Magellan. Together with this marker is an artistic interpretation painting of the actual battle of Mactan.

It will be considered a perfect timing to visit the Mactan Shrine during its annual Kadaugan sa Mactan celebration which is an re-enactment of the Battle of Mactan. You can also find on the sides of the shrine a strip of local stores all selling different varieties of souvenir items and “pasalubongs” made from Cebu’s indigenous and local materials including high quality guitars and the like. You can also find Cebu’s Sutukil dish from a large array of restaurants on the side.

There is definitely a lot to look forward to when visiting the islands of Cebu and Mactan. Aside from its rich history, the people themselves ensure that their culture and tradition is kept alive even with today’s modern life. 

Mactan Island Aquarium

Your trip to Cebu and Mactan Island will never be complete if you have never brought your kids and of course yourself to the Mactan Island Aquarium or MIA. This tourist attraction was opened to the public since September of 2008 and they are proud to say that they are the only public aquarium here in the Visayas Region of the country.

Allowing your kids to understand, view and learn more about the aquatic life is so important to their growth and developmental stage. The exhibits and tours being offered by the Mactan Island Aquarium are mostly educational in nature and primarily focus on the aquatic life that exists in the Philippines and of course the tropical Pacific Ocean. It is quite an exciting tour especially for the kids when they see firsthand the beauty that exists under the sea. The different species of aquatic life and how they survive and gain balance under the sea. It is such an amazing experience that should definitely not be missed when on a trip to the island of Mactan.

The Central Philippines Region has been recognized by most scientists as the global centre of marine biodiversity. This means to say that there is nowhere else on this planet that has a greater variety of marine life than at this region thus making it the perfect place to an aquarium reveal the amazing and bountiful aquatic life forms beneath the surface of the water.

The visitors that visit the Mactan Island Aquarium should expect to see an astounding variety of marine life from the Tropical Pacific Ocean. This is the humble abode of over 1,000 animals including the exotic fishes, water snakes, sea slugs and even the turtles. Because of this, the Aquarium is most proud of its wide array of life forms. When you come and visit the Aquariums, one will be able to have an up close view of the reef sharks, living corals, sea horses, the colorful and graceful sea jellies, innumerable reef fishes that are so colorful and many more.

There are different rates for adults and for children. A rate of P250 is required per adult and P200 per child from 4 to 12 years old. If you are from Cebu or Mactan, a discounted admission is given of P100 per adult and P75 per child. Children below 4 years of age are free of admission. The paid admission includes a guided tour of the exhibits which is a big plus to get the most from your admission. There is also a kiddie corner where children can utilize the puzzles available and some coloring materials where they can create their artworks. The Admission Desk is open seven days a week from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

The Mactan Island Aquarium is located just minutes away from the international airport and very close to most of the resorts on the island and around thirty minutes away from downtown Cebu City. It is located in Barangay Maribago on the main highway of the island thus it is very difficult to miss. It is near White Sands Resort and Imperial Palace Hotel.

Things to Do at the Marina Mall

It is located geographically in one of the city’s most prominent areas, Marina Mall is one of Mactan’s most distinctive landmarks. It features just about everything that spells out fun from retail stores for fashion, leisure, entertainment and of course, food.

Structurally speaking, since its opening, it was strategically and specifically designed to attract all kinds of shoppers. From famous brands like Timex, SaveMore, Island Souvenir and many more one can truly feel like they have entered a shopping haven that surely should not be missed. Everybody is welcome to shop and buy all kinds of stuff that they admirably long for. If you are searching to find the best deals and the best stores, your best bet is the Marina Mall. It has been known as the mall that contains all the affordable and most valuable goods plus, strolling inside the mall and window shopping is absolutely free! Even if you do not have the money yet to buy what you need, you can always go scouting for the best deals before making your choice.

This mall features restaurants that can offer you gourmet food without having to turn your wallet upside down and of course SaveMore where you can do your groceries. Most of the restaurants are located on the ground floor of the mall and most guest do commend the good food that is offered. Everything that you need is already at the Marina Mall thus saving you time and energy to go look for your needs anywhere else. There are also goods and ready-to-wear products on stalls inside the mall but it does not mean to say that they are of low quality. The truth of the matter is, most of their products last a long time. When it comes to finding your way to the mall from the airport, the ride via taxi will not cost you more than Php200.

The Marina Mall Management strived to put together a team of professionals who were able to combine their years of experience, skills and knowledge about the mall industry with the goal to succeed in customer service.  They are able to bring customers exceptional service because of their experience and skills. The mall management team strives collectively for the same focus and commitment to the peak of achievable standards. They have made it their concern to aid their tenant’s businesses prosper.

The Marina Mall Management has really made it their devotion to achieve high standards so they can enrich their visitors’ shopping experience making them the first choice for preferred shopping, dining and entertainment destination. If you wish to spend your time relaxing and just enjoying the beauty of the shops and the food, there is only one place you should be when you are around the Mactan area and that is to drop by at the Marina Mall.